Try our services with highly competitive prices. We help you minimise your expenses and receive best result.

from $1000 (dependent by project)
  • 8 - 16 web pages
  • Custom graphics
  • Stock photos
  • Little or no Flash design
  • Web forms sending to email accounts
  • Project duration: 30 to 75 days
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from $1000 (dependent by project)
  • 25 - 75 Web pages
  • Heavy use of flash
  • High quality design work
  • Content management system
  • Extra components: Intranet, calendars, web site search
  • Project duration: 60 to 90 days
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from $1000 (dependent by project)
  • 100 - 1000 products
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Product descriptions and images
  • Sales tax and shipping calculation
  • Customer and administrative control panel
  • Project duration: 60 to 120 days
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from $1000 (dependent by project)
  • Dynamic Web pages 20 - 2,000
  • Administrative control panel
  • Advanced programming skill sets
  • Interactivity with web site visitor
  • Enterprise database (MS SQL Server or MySQL)
  • Project duration: 90 to 180 days
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Bronze SEO Plan

$500 / Month
+ Additional costs associated with options
SEO Audit & Advice with ongoing monitoring
  • Full Site Technical Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Analysis
  • Recomendation and Advice
  • Submission to Paid Newswires (optionally)
  • Twitter & Facebook updates (optionally)
  • SEO and SEM Dashboard
  • 10 keywords in Google
  • Creating account on (optionally)
  • Creation of trading platforms (optionally)
  • Management of PPC advertising campaign(optionally)
  • Writen report
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Silver SEO Plan

$725 / Month
+ Additional costs associated with options
Full service, high impact SEO plan with content authoring
  • Full SEO and website structure analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Full technical site audit (optionally)
  • Submission to Paid Newswires
  • Twitter & Facebook updates
  • SEO & SEM Dashboard
  • 30 keywords in Google
  • Submissions to Web directories
  • Creating account on (optionally)
  • Creation of trading platforms (optionally)
  • Management of PPC advertising campaign(optionally)
  • Writen report
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Gold SEO Plan

$1100 / Month
+ Additional costs associated with options
Full service, high impact SEO plan with content authoring
  • Full SEO and website structure analysis
  • Full keyword research
  • Full technical site audit
  • Submission to Paid Newswires
  • Twitter & Facebook updates
  • SEO & SEM Dashboard
  • 80 keywords in Google
  • Submissions to Web directories
  • Creating account on (optionally)
  • Creation of trading platforms (optionally)
  • Management of PPC advertising campaign(optionally)
  • Writen report
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Platinum SEO Plan

Negotiated price
Full service, high impact SEO plan with content authoring
  • Full SEO and website structure analysis
  • Full keyword research
  • Full technical site audit
  • Updating your site twice a week
  • Submission to Paid Newswires
  • Twitter & Facebook updates
  • SEO & SEM Dashboard
  • Management of PPC advertising campaign
  • 150 keywords in Google
  • Submitting website to web directories
  • Creating account on
  • Writen report
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